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Front country chicken ride

The Chicken Ranch team is back doing Sunday morning rides and I joined them this week. I’ll be sporting the chicken ranch colors at next years races and this was my first chance to meet a lot of the guys and discover some great new trails too.

We started at the reservoir at the base of gibraltar, rode up mtn drive, down into Parma park and back up to mtn (a really fun but short section of trails). We cruised the road for a few miles before turning up hot springs trail and took the steep fire road up to the catway.

Then it was down Girard trail, linked up with Old Pueblo trail which was a spectacular fun singletrack and a great way to get deep into Montecito.

From there we took the pavement again, then hit Romero road going half-way up. I was chasing Benko for the first part but he just kept pulling away.. the legs just don’t have enough horsepower to stay with that guy yet! Everyone else backtracked down the fireroad; I took the singletrack down. It was the first real test of the Mamasita on a somewhat-technical trail and she passed with flying colors. It takes some very rough terrain to knock a 29er off course so you can point and shoot down pretty technical lines without getting jostled around. And once again the lack of rear suspension was not even an issue. I also had to put to rest the notion that 29ers can’t do switchbacks by tearing down Girard trail earlier in the ride.

Back at the botton of Romero, took the road back into town with a brief excursion down the Fearing trail (At least I think that’s what it was called; ironic since it was not very technical and offered little to fear – but it was a fun fast singletrack). We took pavement back to sea level, up milpas, past the mission and up mountain drive back to the cars.

Fun times with a great group of guys. 3.5 hours and ?? miles since I stupidly turned off my GPS halfway through the ride and forgot to restart it.


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