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Cross training for xmas

Traveled to CT to visit the family for xmas this week. I have this aversion to checking luggage so I take only what I can stuff into my carry on – obviously no bikes. Turns out I wouldn’t need or even want them – I almost forgot about the cold nastiness that is New England winters.

The first two days were crystal clear and in the teens. There was 8″ of fresh snow on the ground. Finally – a chance to get back on the XC skis! We did a quick 1.5 hr training day around the house (Jos took to it like she had been born in the snow). We even made a quick practice circuit around my parents house…


Next day we went up to Bee Brook/Hidden Valley in Washinton, CT for an almost 3 hr excursion. The snow was fluffy, the temps were in the high 20s and the river and forest were gorgeous. There were some good tracks laid down on the flats but Jos and I cut some virgin snow tracks through the hills.. it was an absolute blast.


The weather did a 180 overnight and we woke up xmas eve day with some nasty freezing rain which turned the world into wet 33 degree slush pit. So no xc skiing. But I did manage to spend some time outdoors shoveling snow/ice/water off of our driveway so that my family might not trip/fall/drown on the way to dinner tonight. My compulsive exercise habit reared it’s head and I was out not simply clearing a path but clearing the entire 1000 sq foot driveway of the nastiest, heaviest slush known to man. Fun stuff. Seriously .. it’s way more fun than doing deadlifts in the gym.

Anyways, off to eat cookies and wait for Santa.


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