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My new toy

So after reading a ton about training with power, I convinced myself that I should, no MUST, train with a power meter to get to the next level. Yes, I am the most susceptible human in the world when in comes to bike marketing.

But it was too expensive. So I waited, sold a few old bikes from the stable and found a killer deal on a powertap comp wheel. Now the new toy has arrived. I installed it last night with a dazzling array of wires and zip ties (The cheapo Comp hub is the only non-wireless model left in the Saris lineup but for the price…). The videos on the Saris website are helpful and got me rolling with the computer setup, calibration, and getting it talking with my Garmin HR strap. I also purchased a copy of WKO+ software and have been playing around with it.

And, based on some power calcs from past hillclimbs I was able to estimate my Functional Theshold Power (FTP) to be about 322 watts. I plan on doing more accurate testing in the future but for now this gives me a good starting point to calculate my Coggan-based training zones (which I have color-coded and taped to my handlebar to solidify my dorky image).


And yes, the Garmin 305 GPS will still accompany me on long rides as well. I might have to bust out my programming kung-fu to figure out how to merge the powertap and gps data…

Riding to work this am I can definitely see how the power meter will help … I can already see that knowing the body’s output rather than your aerobic system’s response is so crucial to pacing. I must have been starting my intervals off WAY too hard and then fading at the end as I was basing them soley on heart rate. I’m doing an unstructured hill interval ride this afternoon to gather some more data and refine my zones, calculate some TSS, IF, CTL, TSB etc.. This is going to way too much fun…


March 12, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I love my powertap. it makes riding on the road way more fun… and you get to geek out on all the graphs and charts afterwards. It will definitely help your riding, but I don’t think you need to get any faster… hahaha…

    Comment by jameson | March 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Now you’re a complete nerd. Congrats!

    Comment by John Comunale | March 12, 2009 | Reply

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