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Keyesville Classic

Here’s a quick race report: About 10 chicken ranchers loaded up on Friday night for the trek out to Lake Isabella .. a beautiful reservoir along the Kern river in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It was an hour or so outside of bakersfield and we got to our accommodations at 11:30 and promptly passed out.

Dave “The Clock” Letterri was rallying the troops for a 7:30 departure while I sucked down some horrid hotel coffee. At the race venue, the vibe was very laid back, friendly and reminded me of early MTB races I did back in new england in the early 90s.


Plus they had free coffee that was pretty darn good. It was cool to see all the old vintage bikes too.

Benko, Pete and I had pit crew duty handing out bottles during the sport race. Gabe and Dave won the 30-44 and 45+ classes respectively – Chicken ranch cleaning up the sport class! Ramirez was also proud of his “off-podium” finish (for some reason this picture had me rolling on the floor!):


The expert race went off and Gary Douville sprinted away, never to be seen again. I went out HARD which is a departure from my normal strategy. I stuck in 3rd for the majority of the race but got passed mid-lap 3 by a Sho-Air rider… my legs didn’t have it in them to keep up. I was running postitive splits and I didn’t like the feeling (though it was nice knowing where your competitors are). Ended up 4th on the day, Benko came in right behind at 6th. Pete battled cramps and came in a few minutes later.

The course was FUN. Like a giant BMX course. It was smooth (almost no reason why anyone would need full suspension on this course) and non-technical with lots of steep ups and downs, banked corners, whoop-dee-doos and only 2 semi-extended climbs.

I had a great time.. this race was more about training and hanging out with the group than it was about results .. that being said I was psyched to pull off a 4th place. And I’ll count that as a 3rd place since Gary really should be in the Pros anyways (dude was winning expert races 3 years ago!)

Here’s some more pics.. enjoy.


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