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A little bit of Sea Otter

Oh man. What a weekend. I can’t really do it justice in words or even pictures but I’ll try to give the “executive summary”…

Friday I pre-rode the course. Took me 2 hours. It was a fun mix of fireroad climbs and singletrack descents. All of it with gorgeous scenery.


Got to hang briefly with some Chicken Ranch teammates. Blinger got 5th in the Cat 3 crit and John pulled of 2nd in the Cat 4 road race.


Perused the booths but surprisingly wasn’t really into checking out the bling. Checked out some of Sarah’s circuit race (Cat 4)


We got to see Bob finish up on the road race.


Lots of walking around. Legs were sore. Had a great time hanging with John, Sarah, Bob, Lisa and Jos that evening over dinner.

Saturday morning, Jos and I went into Monterey to play tourist.


We walked around Cannery Row and spent a few hours in the Monterey Aquarium. Definitely very cool – did you know sea horses are the only known animal where the male actually gives birth? I didn’t. And though the jellyfish were eerily cool, i am simultaneously perplexed by and scared shitless of them.


We then proceeded to laguna seca and checked out the pro short track cross country and dual slalom. The STXC race was crazy sauce…


My legs were pretty beat from being on my feet all day (I’m used to sitting at my desk, on my bike or on my couch!) so we made it an early night and rested up for the big day back at the hotel.

Sunday, the primary focus of my trip – the US Cup XC race. I pulled off a 7th place in the Cat 1 30-34. It was brutal. 39 miles. 6000+ ft of climbing. Came in at around 2:52. Really hot (90 degrees by noon) and blazing sun. I started out hard, finished hard, crashed once in a sand pit and gave it everything I had. By far the hardest bike race I have ever done. Recovery is coming along great considering how worked I felt afterward.

Jos and I waited around for the awards ceremony (at the time I was listed at 5th) but the race was under protest and we had a 4.5 hour drive so we hit the road. It was a scorthing day in the Salinas valley but the scenery was gorgeous and a much more pleasant drive than the 4 hours south through LA!!

On to round 5 of the US Cup West .. in my backyard course of Los Olivos!


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  1. Monterey? MonterYAY! You kicked butt dude, the course was brutal. What a great weekend!

    Comment by jawsome | April 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Way to rock your race and suffer through the heat! Very impressive result at such a HUGE event! It was a bast to hang with you guys over the weekend. I wish your race had not been on Sunday because it would have been really fun to watch.

    Comment by Sarah | April 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. What was the deal with the protests? After getting bumped back two spots I felt like asking around to see who took bottles of Dasani water from bystanders so I could get them DQ’d and get my spots back!

    It sucked so bad to follow the rules after losing my bottle only to see other riders taking aid outside the feed zones.

    Cramps kept me from doing any better than where I was at, 2:58 was my time.

    Comment by Justin | April 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. Nice ride dude … we were hanging together pretty close on the first lap. Have you tried out Sport Legs yet? This may just be a coincidence but my cramping hasn’t come back to haunt me since i started taking them.

    I know I’ll sound like an old geezer but… back in the day when i was racing NORBA in the early 90s, there was no feed zone, no neutral feed, nothing. You want to drink it, eat it or use it to fix your bike, you carry it!!

    On the other hand, i suppose getting water outside the feed zones is preferable to having people collapsing from dehydration.

    Comment by perrygeo | April 21, 2009 | Reply

  5. great race man… it was also the hardest race I have ever done on my bike. I felt like a truck ran over me yesterday and am finally getting back to normal today… i love it! good luck this weekend.

    Comment by jameson | April 21, 2009 | Reply

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