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Santa Ynez Valley Classic 09

Sunday ended my first big block of racing for this season. No more high priority races for me until September. I’ve finished up my Kenda US Cup West races and pulled off 3 x 3rd place finishes! That’s hopefully enough to lock in 3rd place overall. To quote Pos from De La Soul,

“Three is the magic number. Yes it is.”


My top results counting for the points series are:

3rd – Bonelli Park
3rd – Sagebrush Safari
3rd – Santa Ynez
7th – Fontana (and/or Sea Otter)

I’ll have to wait until the updated numbers come out but I think that should lock down 3rd overall .. if not I may be planning a trip to CO in June! In any event I am super psyched about the result and the series overall. I did WAY better than I could have ever expected. I wasn’t even sure if I belonged in Cat 1 a few months ago!

As far as the race yesterday, it was a ton of fun. Lots of chicken ranchers out in the Cat 2 race. Kim Lyons pulled off a victory while Kim Turner took the very first steps to becoming a mountain biker and pulled off a 2nd in Cat 3! Jos and her parents came out to watch. Jos did a spectacular job in the feed zone making sure I got a nice fresh water bottle each lap. John C even came out on his road bike to watch the podium ceremony… that lazy bastard needed me to drive him back to Santa Barbara afterwards though.

My performance was kind of a mixed bag. I went out hard, felt great for a lap and a half and faded really bad towards the end. I spent a lot of effort getting around people and passing zones were very hard to find. By the 1 hour mark, my legs just had nothing left and though my body felt strong overall, my quads just burned by the end of lap two and I struggled to put down power on the steep climbs. The last 20 minutes were done on sheer adrenaline and will power. I just kept imagining the pack of Cat 1 30-34 riders that was bearing down on me, ready to pass to me at any minute. Luckily I was able to hold them off just long enough. If the race had been 2 miles longer, Justin, Griffith, Daniel and god knows how many others would have blown by me. I was spent.

The course was 0.6 miles longer than the pre-otter due to the addition of a winding series of S turns thought the finish area/feed zone. My time was about 3 minutes slower and average speed was slower as well. Considering pre-otter was just a C priority race which I barely prepared for and was relatively fresh afterwards, I am perplexed why this race, my A priority race which I tapered for, could have been far more effort for a slower performance. I must’ve done something wrong. Not enough rest after Sea Otter maybe? I dunno .. back to the drawing board.

At least I’ve got until Sept to figure it out. My next A race is the US Cup race in Vegas on 9/26. So what’s on my plate between now and then? Not too sure actually. Next weekend I’m doing Idyllwild. May 16/17th I’ve got the Ventura stage race. A few CA state cup races in there, the So Cal Mtn Stage race at Rim Nordic, and Hecker’s doing a ton of local santa ynez races this summer to keep the engine tuned up. The only races between now and Sept that I’m really gunning for will be the Elings park race on 6/7. Its 3 miles from my house .. how can I NOT get pumped or that one! On the skinny tires, I’ll try to get some road races and crits under my belt so I can move up to Cat 4 (just 7 more races to go).

As far as training, I’m going to start putting in some longer rides in the dirt, technical trail riding, doing more cross-training, running, swimming, long trail hikes/runs and generally taking advantage of the longer days.


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  1. Wooo! Great job!

    Comment by jawsome | April 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. congrats man. you’re having a very solid year!

    Comment by jameson | April 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. Congrats! I think I wound up going too hard last week in between SOC and SY also. Plenty of people raced strong, though!

    Comment by Allison | April 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. Awesome results! Wish I could have held onto you guys and not lost so much time on Lap 1. You guys were going FAST! See you this weekend at ISC.

    Comment by Justin | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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