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Idyllwild 09

Another great weekend of racing, this time up in the unique socal mountain town of Idyllwild.

Friday we drove out to jos’ parents cabin in Idyllwild. As always we have a great time visiting them, as does Japhy who gets to play with his girlfriend Rosie the 9 pound poodle.

Saturday was the XC race and we had 55 degree slightly overcast weather .. my ideal conditions. I had never ridden the course or anywhere around Idyllwild/Hurkey Creek so this was all new to me. I studied the course maps and descriptions the best I could but its nothing like being there.


Suffice to say that these are probably some of the finest trails I have ever had the pleasure of riding of mountain bike on. They were softish hardpack, twisty, technical but smooth, steep grinding climbs, fast singletrack with tricky rock drop-offs. It was paradise for MTBs. I was half in race mode, and half thinking to myself how much I wanted these trails to just keep going forever. And from what many of the locals told me, they do! I’ve gotta get back here for some riding…

The top 4 Cat 1s (me, two guys from the younger age group and 1 guy from the 45-49) were neck and neck for the whole race. The fatigue in my legs was apparent as two of them gapped me at the super steep section of Southridge road and the other on the final climb up the “demoralizer”. No matter – still pulled off a 1st place in the 30-34. And the granite trophies and cash purse were prizes unrivaled in any MTB race I’ve seen to date!


Big Rob won his Cat 3 race. Dave L. pulled off 3rd place in his Cat 2 group despite the technical descents which threatened his sanity. And Aaron Olsen hung with the big dogs to pull off a 4th in the pros.

Sunday was the Super D. Though it started late, like 2 hours late, I was content to take a practice run and hang out and shoot the shit. I didn’t really know what to expect but I pulled off a pretty good performance – 16:04 for the 5 mile downhill. It was an intense experience – pure lung searing, leg burning, all out effort coupled with difficult technical challenges. I was flowing pretty well, didn’t screw up any lines but took it pretty conservatively as my 29er hardtail geometry is not suited to high speed carving. I’ve determined that my Mamasita likes going uphill much better than down. An awesome experience. A+++; would ride again. I think the Super D might be an event that I might really get into in the future .. we’ll have to see how it fits in. EDIT: Looks like I pulled of 4th place in a close race!

For now, I think I’ll rest. My recovery from Saturday’s XC was abysmal. I am coming down with some gnarly head cold that involves using my head as storage for large volumes of green mucus. And I am just wiped out and sick of traveling every weekend. Time for a break…. but i will not turn into some beer-swilling sloth over the next few weeks. Rather i plan on become a beer-swilling, cross-training, base-building machine. I’ll just see if I can build a nice base to peak for the 9/26 US Cup unification race.


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  1. I got in my beer-swilling Saturday and Sunday – now it’s back to business 😉

    Comment by allison | May 4, 2009 | Reply

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