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Ventura Stage Race Day 1

Here’s a quick recap of the first day of the Ventura Stage Race.

The “crit” was absolutely brutal. This was no flat, four-corners, around the block type crit. The 0.7 mile course had one long gradual uphill through the start/finish area followed by a steep 50 ft vertical power climb, a flat straight then a steep downhill with a sharp corner sweeping us back to the climb again.

Bob and I took 7th and 8th in the final sprint. We let a gap open on the last lap and never quite closed it. Our mid-race time bonuses of 6 and 3 seconds were enough to put us in 4th and 5th respectively. And Bob pulled off a brave attack for the KOM jersey, missing it by a few cm.

It was the closest thing to pure anaerobic interval training I’ve done this season. I was hitting 600+ watts for 15-20 seconds at the top of the climb on every lap then just praying for recovery before I had to sprint out of the corner and do it all over again. One of the most brutal 40 minutes I’ve ever spent on a bike!


Tomorrow it’s day 2, the 28 mile circuit race, 5 laps with 435 feet of vertical per lap. With the time bonuses, hopefully Bob and I can make up our 17 second deficit and pull off a podium spot.


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  1. That is some power output. Good luck tomorrow! Crush em!

    Comment by Sarah | May 17, 2009 | Reply

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