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SB Bike Fest Day 3 – Cross Country

Words cannot describe the fatigue I feel right now. I am done. Toast.

The Elings XC course is probably the most brutal course I have ever encountered – and I ride it almost weekly. There is no resting, you are either descending on the edge of your technical skill or grinding up a climb at the edge of your fitness. And each section comes up fast, and is done just as quickly – just enough to suck energy and prevent you from finding a rhythm in the next section. It will forever remain my nemesis.

The weather was perfect, slightly sunny with some overcast to keep the temps down. As I lined up for the Cat 1 30-34, I was the only person in the staging row for a few minutes. Then James, Marco, Humberto and Chase showed up.. and that was it. 5 guys in our category – wtf? The 25-29 and 35-39 fields were 20+ riders deep. Wierd. I knew the race would be tough since all five of us have traded places on or near the podium throughout the season.

The announcer took the opportunity to play up the crosstown rivalry between Platinum and Chicken Ranch before our start – playing up the stereotype of the late night partying chicken rancher vs. the supplement-popping, ice-bathing Platinum rider. In reality the dichotomy is not so clear cut – for example I like to wash down my supplements with beer while taking a late night ice bath. In any case, the gauntlet was thrown down and no matter how I finished, I had to beat Chase (the Platinum guy).

I took off great on the first climb, hit the descent and gained a good chunk of time on the rest of my field and carried that through the first lap. Then the climbing on Lap 2 started and my legs had nothing left. James destroyed me at the fireroad, I got stuck behind some slower riders and lost him on the descent. Marco caught me. Then Chase. Humberto was close on my tail. I started thinking “well 5th out of 5 is not so bad given the strength of our little group”. I felt like ass. My legs had nothing to give and I just couldn’t find a rhythm for laps 2 and 3.

The last lap I caught my second wind and started picking up the pace. I caught Chase before the final climb and beat him out in a finish line sprint for 3rd! Marco was not that far ahead, only 10 seconds or so. James on the other hand crushed us all and won by a few minutes. Nice job!

Podium pic via James’ blog:
SB-BikeFest-MTB 125

OK. 3 races and 3 podiums in 3 days. I am spent. The event was probably one of my favorites of the year, the organization, the people and the fact that it was in my hometown made it the best. The SB bike fest guys did a great job!


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  1. Wow – I’m tired just reading about your weekend! Congratulations on doing so well!

    Comment by Sue | June 8, 2009 | Reply

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