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Back in business

The last two weeks have been a wash for me in terms of “real” training. After my frantic independence day weekend of packing and moving large heavy objects around, my lower back was tweaked. So I rested. Lots of job and housing related stress left no time or energy for training. Then my much needed vacation came…

I actually laid down some good cross training while in Hilton Head south carolina. I ran, biked and swam nearly every day and put in some miles despite the 90+ degree heat and high humidity. I just love that place and all its humid, swampy, low-country southern goodness.


But mostly I just hang out with the family,


ate lots of good fruit, veggies and seafood,



drank lots of good wine,


did some touristy stuff (here Jos and I are hanging out in oglethorpe square in Savannah, Georgia):


and hung out at the beach in an effort to even out my jersey tan line (it didn’t work .. by now it is nearly permanent!)



Now I’m back and ready to start training again and (re)building my base for the Sept/Oct season finale. Unfortunately Joselyne is heading off to CO for her internship and I have to move and find new living arrangements temporarily. We’ll see how the added stress affects my plans … just have to take it day by day I suppose.


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