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Adjusting the annual plan

So 2009 was my first full year back in competitive cycling after 14 years of dormancy. I set my goals accordingly but my early season successes might’ve given me some false hope; the rest of the year would not see the drastic fitness increases that I had become accustomed to since late summer of 2008 when I started training in earnest.

There have been some life changes (my sweetie is now living in CO, I’m moving to a new, much smaller housing situation after 4 years in the same place) and I’ve had lots of job stress, a few chronic injuries and back pain, an extended vacation and a general plateau of cycling fitness. June and July have basically been a wash which is ashame as this was the prime time for laying down the base miles for the september/october season finale.

But I’m picking it back up .. I recently, and just barely, set a PR up Old San Marcos (16:42 at 390 watts) and today I laid down 3 hours of tempo work. Its picking back up but perhaps not soon enough to set off any fireworks at the US Cup or CA state finals.

But this season is no longer about race results (though I will make every attempt to kick as much ass as I can muster 🙂 ) … rather it is about laying the base for the next few seasons. I’m not really sure what the next few years will bring. Maybe my renewed interest in running and swimming will pull me into endurance off-road multi-sport events? Or I’ll become a hardcore roadie? Or maybe go ultra endurance and focus on the 24 hour and 100 mile races? Who knows. Who cares? As long as I keep having fun and pushing myself to the limits, I welcome it.


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  1. I agree, and I think you’re doing awesome considering the circumstances! Also, you’ll definitely get in some high altitude training when you come visit me – I’ve already started looking into bike rentals in the area… 🙂

    Comment by jawsome | July 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. You have had an awesome year! I know how hard I train and you have regularly kicked my butt at races despite my best efforts. You are quite an athlete and a great competitor (I always look forward to chatting at the races and stuff.)

    In the end the important thing is that you are enjoying yourself and the health/fitness that goes along with the lifestyle. Having Jos move to CO has got to put a major crimp in all that. I am sure you will get that squared away though.

    I look forward to the last few races of the year and hope to see you on the line at the races next year! (I get to move up one AG.)

    Comment by Justin | July 28, 2009 | Reply

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