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Some random life and cycling updates for those who are interested.

  • Moved into my new place with my new roommates. We got a pretty sweet pad with a great view overlooking the city and my bike ride into work takes about 4 minutes!


    The bike ride home takes 10 due to the monster hill that is the “Riviera” … on my singlespeed townie bike this equates to 40 rpm high-force hillclimbing every day. By the time I get home I am real warm and ready to chamois up and hit the road full steam! I effectively live right at the base of gibraltar road so I get a 3600 ft, 8 mile climb to train on multiple times a week. I will become a mountain goat.

  • Been doing lots of crits lately. My fear and distaste for crits probably stems from my horrible performance in them so I have been forcing myself to suck it and use them as good training rides. I’ve been going on Wed nights with the UCSB folks and went down to Domiguez Hills for a few races last weekend. I feel like my top end acceleration is improving a bit.
  • Raced Rim Nordic XC this weekend. James and Griffith tore it up for another one-two. I got third. It was my 1st MTB race in a while and I took advantage of the low turnout to work on my pacing – 3 laps at 33:45, 33:30, 34:15. Not bad .. unfortunately most races are more crowded and that sort of pacing strategy only works if you don’t get bogged down behind a train of slower riders. Still I do SO much better if I can pace myself this way and luckily Bonelli is a wide-open course with plenty of passing opportunities.
  • Speaking of Bonelli, the schedule is all f-ed up this year. First the US Cup race gets pushed up a week and moved from vegas to bonelli. Now the State Championships are moved up to 9/27. WTF is with the late notice? What about people who actually need to plan their trips? Such bullshit.
  • My fitness seems to be cranking along. Last week I set new personal bests for Mean Maximal Power at 5 seconds and 30 seconds (Yeah Crits) and at 20 minutes and 60 minutes (thanks to many recent 3000 ft grinds up the santa ynez range)
  • I’m going out to Fort Collins to visit Jos in a few weeks!!! She’s loving it out there and I can’t wait to go check out some of the trails and restaurants she’s found.
  • Cross season is starting! Tomorrow starts the infamous santa barbara cross skillz and drillz practice series lead by Gary Douville (so you know its gonna be painful). I’m getting psyched to show off all my top end speed, those fancy dismounts and running skills I’ve been working on … or face plant, endo and puke on the side of the trail. Either one.

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  1. go go go! You are awesome and I can’t wait to see you!

    Comment by jawsome | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Matt-Glad you are going to join the ‘cross practice. We’ll be sure to make it fun and productive! I am out this week since I am hosting a visitor, but will be hitting it hard in the coming weeks. Spread the word!

    Comment by Gary Douville | August 11, 2009 | Reply

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