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Stumpgrinder Dirt Club Summer Finals, etc

I escaped the coastal fog this a.m. for some dirt racing out in Los Olivos. With about 25 racers, 4 in my open/pro/expert class, it was the low key event I’ve come to expect (so low key it was almost comatose).

I cleaned house by ~ 10 minutes to pull off a victory. I was in the lead the whole race and, with no one around to push or get in the way, I was able to really concentrate on pacing. I have got this XC pacing shit down now … 4 laps at 30:32, 30:58, 31:42, 30:48 (The third lap was a little slow as I had to stop and pull my seat bag out of my spokes … maybe I’ll just start duct taping the essentials to my frame instead?)

It feels good to be back on the MTB exclusively now. I have to admit that I neglected my fat tires for weeks at a time as the lure of the power meter kept me training on the road. After 10 days of nothing but riding the Salsa, I have regained my feel for the dirt and am ready to roll. In fact I feel more at one with my bike than ever due to my recent shoe switchero.

These things are a good 1/2 lb lighter than my old specialized shoes, fit like a glove the moment I put them on, have eliminated the painful toe numbness that has been killing me, are stiffer and more efficient than even road shoes I’ve owned and offer some sort of weird zen-like connection to my drivetrain that I’ve been missing. Best investment ever (aside from the powertap of course).

T-8 days to Bonelli!


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