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The months of preparing, training, planning… most of this was focused on the US Cup. Now, after a consistent string of 3rd place finishes, I somehow ended up with this.

2009-09-20 16.32.38

OK so its a plastic trophy made of the same material as our number plates (plus a nice jersey that is on its way) but I am happy to earn it regardless. I wasn’t the fastest on a given day but I showed up, rode hard, was relatively consistent throughout. I wish the series could’ve been more inclusive of the east coast and rockies riders but the deck was stacked in favor of the so-cal riders. When I re-entered the MTB race circuit last year, I took it for granted that there would be some national points series. Turns out this went away with NORBA. Sho-Air stepped up and put on a great series and all mtbers should give them props for it.

The Bonelli XC race itself went well. The sun was pretty strong but after Sisquoc i knew I could take the heat. I didn’t feel as strong as I hoped but it was good enough for third place. Marco took OFF on the first climb, then James, then me. My rear tire got punctured on lap 1 and dropped me to 15 psi before the stans sealed it up. Thank god for tubeless. I just rode 15 psi the rest of the race and used it as an experiment in tire pressure setups. I just barely hung on to Justin’s wheel during lap 2 then regained my legs and took off after Marco. I saw him on lap 3 but I had put myself too far into the pain cave by that point to really summon up the power to catch him. After the race, the familiar gang of cat 1 cronies hung out to wait for the awards. As always, its just a great group of people and really makes all suffering worth it.

I gave it all I had today and my body is paying for it. I am ready to drink my Stone Pale Ale and go to sleep.


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  1. Congrats man! You earned it! Was awesome racing with you this year. I really hope we get to see each other at a few races next year after your relocation. Bet you will be even faster!

    Comment by Justin | September 21, 2009 | Reply

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