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Beer season begins…

MTB racing is officially over for 2009. And what a better way to end it than 2nd place in the Cat 1 30-34 California state championship race.

Today was my first time at Big Bear. Not so thrilled about the 8 hours round trip drive but absolutely love the course… in the running with Idyllwild and Counting Coup for my favorite of the year. It was mostly fireroad, some fun smooth single track with some gnarly, dusty fall-line descents thrown in (at one point I was literally riding blind due to the dust). The effect of the altitude was noticeable (start was 7000+ ft) but didn’t wipe me out. I came in at around 1:49 for the long course. I felt on top of my game – probably the most fit my legs have felt during a race all season. The fireroads were perfect for just throwing it into the 44-12 and cranking it out TT-style. Most of the climbing was big-ringable save for the one singletrack climb which was steady 32-32 with a couple technical spots.

I hung on with the front group on the first climb and Brandon got away (the last I saw of him). I missed a turn and lost 30 seconds or so but was able to recover from my apparent stupidity. I had to put a foot down on a few occasions and EVERY time my calf muscles would cramp completely and painfully. As I yelled out in pain after dabbing my inside foot around a corner, the look of concern on the spectator’s faces was priceless. Griffith and I rode together for the majority of the race through most of the singletrack section. I was able to put some time on him on the flat fireroad section before the last big climb. It was dusty and brutal on the lungs. But I held on for 2nd, raced well, felt strong and had a good time doing it -a fine way to end the season. I will miss hanging out and racing with the friends I’ve made this year around socal but CO awaits.


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  1. awesome man! congrats man! what beers are you charging this offseason?

    i was stoked to get to hang out and race with you this year… hopefully i will see on the starting line somewhere next year.

    good luck in CO… kind of jealous!

    Comment by jameson | September 29, 2009 | Reply

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