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CO recon

Out to CO to visit Jos in Fort Collins this week. Luckily, my new job allows me to work remotely so, to the extent I can remain productive on the road, I’m able to get some traveling in this fall and eventually work from CO permanently.

I flew in during the freak early season snowstorm.. apparently 2+ ft of snow is just not a big deal for denver airport so I got in just fine. It was great to finally be surrounded by snow again:

2009-10-29 10.12.26
2009-10-29 16.55.45

Besides working, hanging with Jos and the cats, doing some house-hunting and generally getting familiar with my future home town, I got in a few good runs and slushy hikes, some time in the weight room and got to check out the Blue Sky CX race on Halloween down in Longmont.

Katie Compton handily won the womens race while Tim Johnson simply crushed the field in the pro men’s race:
2009-10-31 15.06.57

The course was classic – the snow from earlier in the week had melted so the majority of the course was just a mud pit. But the weather was clear and warm and the Rockies were still covered in snow making for great spectating:
2009-10-31 14.29.08
2009-10-31 15.29.45

Of course there were some great crashes:
2009-10-31 15.30.11

And the big pro men’s field was a blast to watch on the first lap especially (forgive my cell phone camera quality and poor cinematography – i was having too much fun to hold the camera steady!):

I have to admit that it was pretty tough to watch from the sidelines – I wanted to borrow a bike and jump right into the mud. Maybe some CX later this fall but for now I’ve got too much going on with the new job, the move, and a bunch of other crap – bike racing is just not at the top of the priority list right now but I suspect/hope that will change pretty darn soon!


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