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2010 Season

It’s time to start thinking about my 2010 cycling season. I really love doing this .. scouring the interwebs for cycling events and watching the pieces fall into place.

First of all, what lessons can I cull from the 2009 season? I spent a lot of time racing road bikes and doing laps on non-technical suburban XC courses – slightly rewarding but not really my thing. What I LOVED were the epic point-to-point or single lap endurance/marathon races that really take you out in the boonies (counting coup, idyllwild, etc). And, probably not coincidentally, those events were my best race results of the year as well. Big climbs, technical terrain, awesome views, self-sufficiency, pushing the limits of endurance for hours on end. That is the stuff I ride for, the reason I got into MTB in the first place 20 years ago! And luckily CO has no shortage of endurance events.

The Rocky Mountain Ultra Endurance Series will be my main focus. I’ll also hit up a good number of the Mountain States Cup endurance series and Winter Park races though these will all be ‘C’ or ‘B’ priority races. The US Cup, my main focus last year, has nadda for the Rockies and doesn’t really offer the kind of racing I’m looking for this coming season. There are a few road events that look pretty fun, mostly hill climb time trials and maybe the local Rocky Mountain stage race.

The ‘A’ races this year – the Firecracker 50 (The US Marathon National Championships) and the Breck 100.

I’m not hoping for any huge breakthroughs – just lots of quality time on some epic trails. In the macro view, I’m treating this entire year as “base building” for 2011. We’ve got the wedding coming up in September so I wont be showing up to any races that month. Nothing planned after that though there is a big CX scene in CO so fall 2010 might see a renewed focus after the honeymoon – who knows. In any case, it looks like a solid 5 months of racing there … time to start putting in the miles!

Oh … my tentative race calendar is over on the right –>


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