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Training – week of 1/25/2010

I don’t normally post on my day-to-day training … mainly I just don’t know if anyone cares … but figure I’ll give it a trial run and see if I find it at all rewarding. At the very least it will act as some sort of training log and maybe get some feedback from my friends, peers, colleagues and coaches who want to give out free advice 🙂

First a quick discussion on some of the new year’s training philosophies:

Last year I spent tons of time (6+ hrs a week) in the gym doing Pilates and strength training and relatively little putting in quality time in the saddle. it felt good but overkill and this year I really have to focus on maximizing every second of my training time. So I’m following Core Performance with a few additions and modifications and find it to be a great and quick way to effectively cross-train, get some core/upper body strength and flexibility. Plus I can do it in my basement so no travel time to the gym. I do it for pretty much 1/2 hour daily so I’ll leave it out of the description to avoid redundancy.

In terms of riding, I’ve drunk the koolaid of the power training gurus and am focusing on building a base through steadily increasing tempo/sweet-spot/threshold work mid-week with a few 5+ hr rides to build endurance on the weekends. Goal = no junk miles. The “sweet spot” philosophy is that you go out and consistently ride for moderate time at a moderately-hard pace. The mid-week workouts are just hard enough to stress my body but I can recover quickly and can do them day after day. Best of all, they work well if you’ve got very limited time. Most of my rides will reference a % FTP which refers to my “functional threshold power” or power that I can sustain for a 1 hour time trial.

Mon: no ride
Tues: 2×25 min @ 97% FTP, 33 miles, 1:38
Wed: Tempo ride with 75 min @ 85% FTP, 37 miles, 1:50
Thurs: (Indoors on the rollers) 4 x 8 min @ 100% FTP, 20 miles, 1:05
Fri: 4 mile run, easy pace
Sat: The Oval Ride, 68% FTP, 88 miles, 4:50 (met lots of cool folks, pace was either easy spinning or hard attacking … would have prefered a steadier tempo as I have no top end speed this time of year!)
Sun: Endurance ride, 64% FTP, 95 miles, 5:15 (rode NW out to the prairie to the Wyoming border, windy, cold and lonely out there… but beautiful.)

So there we have it. 14 hours of riding, a little running and strength training, 270+ miles. I’m feeling good, my 3 day mid-week block of tempo/threshold work combined with a 2 day weekend block of long rides seems to be working nicely. I’m settling into the groove here in CO.

And the nice thing about a power meter in the long term is that I can really track my progress … I’m stoked to be where I am today which is roughly at the same power levels as mid-2009 … but its early season, i’m at 5000+ ft and I’ve lost a good 8 kg which translates into big potential performance gains for this coming year. We’ll see how it goes .. looking forward to the first big MTB race, the Dawn till Dusk!!


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  1. Yo Matt, I dig the training blogs, keep it up! I recently moved to SB and came across your site. Looking forward to doing some of those epic MTB rides you did to Gibraltar Lake. I’ll need those miles if I get into Leadville! 😉



    Comment by Joe O | February 5, 2010 | Reply

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