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Training – week of 2/1/2010

Somewhat of an impromptu rest week as I had some big work deadlines, friends visiting and some winter weather to top off the week. Still managed to get in 3 quality rides and do some awesome backcountry skiing.

Mon – 0.5 hours easy
Tues – 1×25 @ 103% FTP *, 1×25 @ 86%, 1:43 total, 35.5 miles
Wed – Unstructured tempo w/ 60 min @ ~86%, 1:25 total, 28 miles
Thurs – 0.5 hours easy
Fri – 80 min @ 91%; 1:45 total, 38 miles
Sat – 3 hours backcountry skiing above Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. Mmm… fresh, deep powder. Hanging out in Lyons with some friends.
Sun – 0.5 hrs easy on rollers, lots of coffee, beer, cajun food, football and hanging out.

* This was my sort-of-monthly FTP test where I go all out for about 25 minutes on an 11 mile course. If I bust 105%, its time to raise the FTP. Not this week – FTP stays set at 336 watts.


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