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Training – week of 2/8/2010

Snow fell in the early and late in the week but it melted off quick both times and settled back to mid-40s for the majority of the time (a common pattern here in CO I have discovered). I went down to see Denver Nuggets game on Thurs… Spurs dominated!. Another trip to Lyons this weekend to hang with friends and mend some gear – Seriously a great social gathering idea for anyone who has piles of clothing, parts, camping gear, etc that they will “fix someday” – just get together, bring your stuff and start sewing/patching/gluing/welding/zip-tiying!

Training wise nothing special. Still slowly building the base. About 10.5 hrs, 165 miles, with the quality training consisting mainly of my mid-week tempo/threshold block.

Mon – nada
Tues – Maximal Aerobic Power Test plus 30 minutes at 99% FTP on rollers. A tough one mentally and physically. 21.1 miles, 1:12 total.
Wed – 125 min at 81%. 52 miles, 2:28 total. Good hard tempo workout.
Thurs – 2 x 20 at 96/93%. Faded in the middle of the last one … 3 day block of tough workouts leaves some residual fatigue! 27 miles, 1:20 total.
Fri – 3.5 mile run, tempo pace with Jos.
Sat – 2:30, 18 mile MTB at Hall Ranch on the singlespeed. Some parts technical and rocky, others narrow and flowy. Good to be rolling on fat tires again even if it was a little muddy.
Sun – 2:45, 42.5 miles of road/dirt road exploring up Redstone Canyon. Had a bigger day planned but cut it short – just too damn cold and windy to be comfortable for that long. Stayed inside and cooked Indian food instead 🙂


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