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Training – week of 3/8/2010

Another week of warm temps in Fort Collins. And the trails are now dry! It feels like spring is just around the corner.

17 hours. 165 miles road. 87 miles MTB. A good mixture of hard training and fun dirt exploring.

I finally got the Mamasita tuned, cleaned, lubed, bled and adjusted. She saw 4 rides this week! It was good to be back on (mostly) dry trails and even better to ride my race rig. I threw a shorter stem and narrower, flatter carbon bars on and it makes a word of difference to improve the handling. My drivetrain is pretty worn so I may need to do a more major upgrade in the coming weeks.

Mon: 1 hr easy spin on MTB
Tues: 2 hrs road with 80 min @ 92% FTP
Wed: 1 hr easy spin on MTB
Thurs: 2:30 road up Rist Canyon. Did Rist in 50:07 (slow due to high winds) but set a new best avg power – 326 watts.
Fri: 2 hr mountain biking on Foothills Trail. Some good technical ups and downs.
Sat: 4:15 road – Oval Ride. This was the first Oval that I was able to hang with the front group until the end. Worked hard all day chasing breaks, climbing, pushing to the “finish line” where myself and one other Rio rider actually put a good 100 yd gap on the field. I felt great and it was definitely one of those ‘breakthrough’ rides where you’re able to push your body harder and you can objectively experience the pain … but it doesn’t slow you down.
Sun: 4:15 mtb – Did a mega-loop around Fort Collins and the reservoir, mostly on trails. Hit up Reservoir Ridge, Lory, Horesetooth, Blue Sky, Indian Summer, Coyote Ridge then back on the spring creek bike path. All the trails were dry except for the valley trails in Lory which still had some lingering mud bogs. My poor Mamasita needs a bath.


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