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Training – week of 3/14/2010

Spring came – then left abruptly. How rude. Early in the week I was out in short sleeves. Friday we get 10 inches of snow and temps well below freezing.

Still I racked up 13+ hours, 245 miles, lots of threshold intensity, feeling good as the training stress ratchets steadily up.

Mon – hike at Riverbend Ponds (dressed in a t-shirt on dry trails)
Tues – 2 x 20min at 103%. At that power level a month ago, these would have nearly killed me. Now I can crank them out on a lunch break.
Wed – 1:30 MTB on the singlespeed, laps at Pineridge.
Thurs – 2:15 road ride up Rist Canyon. Shattered my old PR by over 2 minutes! Did the climb in 42:16 @ 340 watts. My season goal was to break 43 .. time to recalibrate and set the bar a little higher.
Fri – hike at Reservoir Ridge (dressed in a four layers of winter gear in 7 inches of snow. WTF.)
Sat – 4:10 on the Oval ride. Chilly morning so the oval was pushed back to 1pm. It was easy going at first but picked up to a brutal pace about mid-way. I was dropped at Carter Lake and caught in no-mans land between the leaders and the chase… rode back solo at a solid tempo. A good workout but oh it was miserable to deal with the cold… I am so over winter.
Sun – Long Steady Distance on flatland (ie snow free) roads/bike paths. 4 hrs, 75 miles on the road at a comfy endurance pace. And it was (almost) warm again!


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