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Training week of 3/29

Crashes, wind, crazy weather rebuilding the mamasita and the first MTB race of the year. 16+ hrs, 200 miles (mostly dirt… woot!)

Mon – 0:50 spin
Tues – 1:40 including Horsetooth TT (or at least part of it .. half way through i crashed off the road into some barbed wire!)
Wed – 2:00 easy, testing out the new drivetrain, tires and brakes on my Salsa Mamasita.
Thurs – 1:45 tempo on the MTB (reservoir ridge, foothills trail) then it started to hail/rain so I finished up with 30 min on the rollers (3×5 min at 115%)
Fri – 0:40 easy spin + 3 mile run
Sat – First MTB race of the year: Front Range MTB Series #1 at Bear Creek in Lakewood, CO. These races are designed to be 60 minute races, more like short track.

The Men’s A field was huge with 60+ riders. A quick show of hands at the start showed that the vast majority of the first few rows were Pro riders. Including the current national champ JHK and a bunch of other big names. This was going to hurt.

The pace for the first half-lap was brutal. I am just not used to the blistering pace of STXC. I settled into a rhythm, picked up some places whereever i could and found myself riding most of the race chasing in a small group with Heather Irmiger. The race was over before I knew it. I got 18th out of 60 finishers. Not bad. Felt good to rev up the engine.

After the race, I went out for 2 hours to explore the rest of Bear Creek Lake Park to do some recon for the Front Range 50.

Sun – 6:20 on the MTB. The “ridge tour” – hit up Reservoir Ridge, Foothills Trail, Maxwell, Pineridge, Coyote Ridge, Blue Sky, Bobcat Ridge. Pretty much hit all the local hotspots except for Horsetooth and Lory which need some time to dry. Kept a good tempo on the climbs and hung it out on the technical sections. I’m ready for MTB season.


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