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Training goes on..

So first up, no more “weekly training” posts. They were boring to write and I already keep a training journal – I’ll just keep y’all apprised of the fun/cool/important stuff on a regular basis.

Lots of mountain biking. I kinda miss having power data to geek out on but now that the trails are open for bizniz here in the front range, I need dirt. Since Gallup last week, I’ve hit the trails every day racking up some big hours, all on the dirt. ahhh.

I’ve been exploring some trails in Horesetooth and Lory … I cant believe the treasure trove of trails I have in my backyard! Some awesome, technical, steep trail riding makes a hard 4 hour ride go by with a smile.

The Front Range “Mountain Bike” Series race #2 was this saturday. Cold and wet weather, plus sea otter, kept the numbers down but there were still a good 40 people lined up at the start of the Men’s A Race. The course could barely be considered mountain biking; a 1 mile dirt track with 120 feet of punchy climbing per lap. It was fast and furious and I redlined it for an hour/12 laps. Good training and somewhat more fun than doing 3x20min efforts on the rollers.

Sunday .. back to Horsetooth/Lory for some more dirt ‘xploring if the weather holds out.

Oh yeah.. and apparently there’s this thing called twitter and I’m apparently the last person on the planet to figure it out … @perrygeo.


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