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Tuesday nights are kicking in Fort Collins this summer! I think, between the New Belgium Short Track series, the YGR TTs, Crits, Laramie and Lory MTB series, and a few others, there is some killer mid-week racing here in the Fort all summer long.

This past Tuesday was the first day of the New Belgium Short Track MTB series. I got 2nd in the Men’s A race and then 14th in the Mens Open (I was cooked by that point!). Whoever designed the course deserves mad props – I’d never imagine a tiny abandoned lot in an industrial part of town could be converted into a fun race course! This vid give a good sense of it…

Bad news about the Mamasita – I noticed a crack in the seat tube near the carbon/scandium junction.

Good news is that, thanks to Dan and Shawn at the Cycologist and the good folks at Salsa, I’ll be getting a replacement warranty frame. Goodbye old stealth-black Mamasita; Hello new “Red Rocket“.

Saturday was the Lookout Mountain Hillclimb – not a TT but a mass start, 4.5 mile, 1200 ft vertical climb.

Lookout Mountain Hill Climb
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I decided last minute on Friday night to do the race (after I had a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream which surely aided my performance the next morning) and arrived Sat morning with barely enough time to register and get my stuff together. Without a proper warmup the uphill start nearly killed me but I hung with the lead group for 1/2 the race and kept them in site for the remainder. I expected the field to spread way out as everyone buried themselves into their own private pain caves – but the group was pretty coherent and drafting and tactics definitely had a role to play. I placed 18th out of 46 riders in Cat 3 with a time of 20:15 – and only about 1 minute separated my group from the leader – pretty tight and evenly matched race!

Afterward, went out for a 3 hr climbing-heavy tempo ride up Golden Gate Canyon and some side dirt roads. Of course my DT rim on the rear exploded as several eyelets cracked the rim – the spoke tension must’ve been too high? I rode gingerly back to the car with my wobbly-ass rear wheel and wind gusts conspiring to make me a nervous wreck on the canyon descent. I freaking hate descending on a road bike. Sketchiness. Now I’ve got to replace the rear rim + spokes on my PT hub … all the mechanicals, crashes and DNFs this year are getting really frustrating (not to mention expensive).

As Jos always reminds me, I could just take up running 🙂 If I have to keep shelling out my salary to keep my bikes in working order, I may just have to!


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