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Random Tuesday thoughts

My mind has been warped by twitter; cant put together a coherent thought in more than 140 characters

Warming up for the New Belgium Short Track races, I came across a runner kneeling by a large (3 ft) bullsnake. The poor thing was tangled up badly in some mesh ground cover; My Lezyne multitool was able to cut the nylon and we eventually got it free … but it was mighty pissed while the ordeal was going on .. i know its not poisionous but when a large reptile hisses at you and snaps its jaws, there is definitely some primal aversion to that!

My garmin 305 decided to literally fall apart during the race. The entire top half of the unit (with the LCD, electronics, etc) seperated and fell off go knows where. I looked down to see my HR and this was all I saw ..

Great .. continuing my streak of expensive mechanical failures at every recent race. At least I pulled off a win in the Men’s A race and a mid-pack finish in the Open race. My body is finally getting used to riding at this intensity. Maybe next week I’ll save myself for the open and see what I can do.

And the last failure (the rim on my powertap wheel) was fixed up by Shawn at the Cycologist who put on a shiny new mavic open pro rim in record time .. seriously less than 90 minutes after dropping it off, I got a phone call. These guys rock! And speaking of which they have my new Mamasita on order … coming soon!!

Saturday is the Front Range 50 down in Lakewood. Sunday is the Colorado Marathon (which I will be dutifully supporting Jos’ first ever marathon!!) Family in town, lotsa work to do, etc etc. Later.


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