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Up in them there hills

I had planned on racing the Gowdy Grinder up in WY today. I was psyched for it too. But I got halfway up there and realized I had forgotten my helmet. So I turned around and changed plans. It was a gorgeous day in the 70s and I’ve been wanting to explore a bit in the mountains outside of Fort Collins. Lemons into lemonade.

Started the day with a quick spin out to Pineridge then hit the pavement out to Masonville and up Buckhorn Canyon. Riding fat tires on the road is not my fav thing but it beats driving. 30 miles later, I turned onto Buckhorn Road which is a dirt road leading into the national forest. After that, I got a little trigger happy with my cell phone camera so I’ll do a photo journal type ride report thingy…

Starting up Forest Road 513 (aka Moody Hill). It cant get much rougher or steeper than this right? right?

An hour later after a rough steep granny-gear climb with several hike-a-bikes, we come upon a nice flat meadow. Ah flat and free of boulders.

Turned left onto Forest Road 132. Maybe the climbing is over and I can just cruise along?

Nope. Still climbing (though a much more manageable grade).

And climbing into some snow. Snow + 80F = time for a nice snow-packed helmet coolant system.

Slowly going from trail to road as we near Crystal Mountain.

Then it was straight down Crystal Mtn Rd back to Buckhorn. Continuing further up, the turnoff for White Pine Mtn … gotta climb that beast some day.

Finally some singletrack! Explored the Donner Pass Trail until I realized how little water and food I had left.

Then it was time to turn around. Back down Buckhorn.

And back on the road to Masonville. At this point I was out of water and in Masonville I chugged down a half-gallon of water, green tea and gatorade.

After hydrating and dosing myself with industrial sugar products, I was all ready to tackle the ride over horsetooth and back home.

Just about 6 hours 45 minutes of riding. I don’t have my Garmin at the moment but I guesstimate the distance at about 90-95 miles with a 2 metric crap-wads of granny-gear climbing (that’s a lot for those of you unfamiliar with the metric system). Time for rest and beef pot roast.


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