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Breck 105

I signed up for the Breck 100 … but ended up doing the Breck 105 after missing a turn and riding 5 miles in the wrong direction. There are a number of excuses I could use; The signs were hidden in the shadows of a bush, the dust from vehicle traffic clouded my vision, my slight color-blindness made the signs hard to see, there were orange markers hung from the trees along the wrong road, they really should have had a course marshall at that intersection. But really it comes down to this …. I missed the turn and lost a ton of time and places. This time I cant blame it on mechanicals or bad luck, just poor navigation.

This mishap destroyed one of my best performances on one of the best race courses I have ever ridden. The course suited me perfectly – long not-too-steep grinding climbs combined with some of the best flowy, just-technical-enough singletrack.

The race started up the ski mtn and when we hit Wheeler Pass, I was sitting in about 20th place. I pacelined it back to Frisco along the bikepath with a sizable group and dropped them on the Peak Trail (fun singletrack!) and finished the 1st loop in 13th overall.

Loop 2 had three tough climbs including the LIttle French climb from the Firecracker 50. It also had some dirt road sections which connected up some of the worlds finest singletrack. It started to get hot but I was still pushing hard and feeling strong. My nutrition strategy was spot on. I came through in 12th overall.

Loop3 started the climb up to Boreas pass. At about hour 7, I started to fade a bit and the spark left my legs. I didn’t ‘bonk’ but I just had to bring it down a notch and keep on pushing at a steady pace. The descent into Como brought one of the coolest singletracks I have ever ridden. I would’ve railed it if it hadn’t been 75 miles into the race! Instead I just kept a conservative pace and tried to keep my upper body from getting too beat up. Then came the climb back up Boreas Pass and my navigation failure. I turned around and got back on course after loosing 30 minutes. But that 30 minutes also represented all the energy I had left in the tank… having to descend 1000 feet and then climb back up again got me fired up … The first part I fueled on anger but that can only get you so far up a hot exposed 10 mile climb. After that, fatigue and demoralization set in. I had nothing left in the tank at 10 hours (I had expected to be rolling through the finish line at that point, not on top of Boreas Pass) so I just cruised in for a time of 10:32.

At the top of Boreas Pass the first time, I was 6th in the 30-39 solo group and 12th overall. By the time I finished I was 11th in my age group and 31st overall. Not horrible by itself but I was having a great day – no mechanicals, legs felt good – and my result doesn’t really reflect that. Disappointment and frustration dont even begin to describe it.

Oh well, someday, I’ll look back at this and laugh. Not today.


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