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White Pine recon

Way back in May, I wrote about my first attempt at climbing White Pine mtn from the north side. I know that FS100, an OHV trail, climbs White Pine from the south (Jeff Kerkove blogged about his white pine ascent on that road). And I had previously made it about halfway up the north side before getting turned around by snow. The question was: Did that trail connect all the way to White Pine summit and FS100? Or did it simply disappear? The trail doesn’t show up on most maps but occasionally I’ve come across a written reference to a white pine summit trip from the north. I spoke with two different off-roaders who told me two different things – “Sure, it goes right up over the top and down to Buckhorn road” and “Nah, that trail never really existed but you could probably bushwhack it if you head south”. Only one way to find out…

Turns out that, yes the north side trail exists – just follow FS 152C which goes from a fireroad, to a rocky doubletrack and eventually a steep, rough, granny gear singletrack which was barely rideable and required lots of hike-a-bike.

And just when you thought you were out in the middle of nowhere, you see a toilet seat. Wait, what…

Though the trail was easy to follow, it was not easy to ride. Nevertheless, after topping out at a saddle around 9600 ft, I made the descent down the south side. I will never get over how beautiful aspens are…

Made my way back via Monument Gulch and then did an hour out-n-back up Jack’s Gulch. Here’s a good shot looking back at White Pine:

Great day on the bike. I was testing out my SPOT GPS tracker which seemed to work (for the most part) and will provide my family with some peace of mind when I go off on these crazy mtb adventures 🙂 And, since the White Pine north-side trail is not on most maps, here’s my GPS track of the ride…



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