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CX Season begins

So far I’ve jumped into 3 CX races in the last week (two at New Belgium Brewery here in the Fort, another down in Boulder yesterday – the Boulder Cup #2 at Interlocken Park). I’ve gotten trounced in each race.. but I’m hooked. It’s a blast, really cool people and a whole different challenge to throw down everything you can muster for 45 minutes.

My biking legs are just not there yet and it certainly shows as I’m getting crushed by guys who I beat during the MTB season. Who knew taking 2 months off of serious bike training would hurt my cycling fitness?

Well the bad news is the CX season is short and there isn’t much time to build a proper base and build up my fitness the ‘traditional’ way. The good news is that I have lots of room for improvement and there will be lots of CX races to test myself – I plan on simply racing myself into shape by the Colorado State Championships.

Here’s what I’ve got on the calendar for the rest of the season:

10/12/10 New Belgium Cyclocross, Fort Collins
10/16/10 On the Cross, Denver
10/17/10* Aspen Lodge Cyclocross, Allenspark
10/19/10 New Belgium Cyclocross, Fort Collins
10/23/10 * Blue SkyCup, Longmont
10/24/10* Boulder CX Series #3, Boulder
10/26/10 New Belgium Cyclocross, Fort Collins
10/30/10 * Colorado Cross, Boulder
10/31/10* Halloween Boulder Cup, Broomfield
11/13/10 US Grand Prix – New Belgium Cup Day 1, Fort Collins
11/14/10 US Grand Prix – New Belgium Cup Day 2, Fort Collins
11/20/10 * Rosalie Race To Educate, Bailey
11/21/10 * CycloX, Boulder
11/28/10 Boulder CX Series #4, Boulder
12/04/10* CO State Championships, Boulder
12/05/10* CO State Championships, Boulder
12/18/10 Boulder CX Series #5, Boulder
1/1/11 Hangover Cross, Denver
1/22/11* CycloX, Longmont
1/29/11* Boulder CX Series, Boulder

(* = Part of the Colorado Cross Cup)

I’m very psyched to have all these great races with seriously stacked competition so close to home. Especially the US Grand Prix race, the New Belgium Cup, which brings a top-level national CX event right to my hometown!


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