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Winter is knocking at the door…

I havent been doing regular race reports – CX racing, while fun, is not all that interesting to write about. Most of my races thus far would go something like this:

I started sprinting then stared at my stem for 45 minutes while I buried myself in the pain cave.

And that’s usually all there is to it. My legs have started to come around though and I’m getting used to the high intensity efforts. I pulled off some good results last weekend:

  • 3rd place at the Blue Sky Velo Cup. A relatively untechnical course with lots of straight out power sections – suited me well. Kept my place despite having my Maxxis Raze tire blow clear off the NoTubes rim on my front wheel – luckily i was right by the pit and was given a loaner front wheel and somehow held off 4th place. The collateral damage was minimal: a sore shoulder and the complete destruction of my handlebars; the drop bars were bent beyond repair.

  • 2nd place at Loisville Rec Center. I spent the morning overhauling the bike with a new front tire (Michelin Mud2 – awesome!) and flat bars.

    The flat bars are vastly superior to drops in every way – I’m convinced that the only reason CX racers still use drop bars is fashion-consciousness and adherence to ridiculous tradition for tradition’s sake. Anyways the Louisville course had a few nasty steep long run ups which I freakin’ LOVED – everyone else seemed to hate ’em. Was 10 secs behind the leader for most of the race but just couldnt bridge that gap.

And this week, for the first time since April, I’ve had to dust off the old rollers and do some indoor workouts. The weather is quickly turning cold and nasty and the first snow feel imminent. Soon I will come to embrace this fact (once I can strap on my skis and snoeshoes) but for now, I will grumble and keep hoping for a few more weeks of fall.


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