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Gowdy Grinding

Curt Gowdy state park in WY is a blast! Despite being just over an hour away, I’d never made it up to Gowdy and I’m glad I did today.

The Gowdy Grinder was probably one of the most technical MTB races I’ve done in recent years – super smooth and twisty singletrack with big chunky rock obstacles. So much fun. It definitely slows things down – average speeds were about 10mph for the race! Possibly one of the first events I’ve done where I was wishing for 26″ wheels due to all the tight corners and accelerations.

Anyways, the race started with a mad dash up a doubletrack climb and I went WAYYY too deep into the red zone to stay with the leaders. This being my shortest race of the year, the intensity was a bit of a shock to the system! I settled into 5th place for a while, took a wrong turn and lost 15 seconds and about 3 places. Eventually I caught back up and settled into 6th place with Adam right ahead of me and a small chase group behind me. It was cat and mouse for the second lap, I would reel Adam in only to fade and almost get caught by the chasers. The third lap was just trying to hold everything together and my legs were really fatigued from the past week of training. I held 6th for the final lap and just tried to stay smooth on the technical stuff without having to put out too much effort .. keeping momentum was the name of the game.

So 6th place in a competitive field on great trails, a $10 entry fee, a super-chill race scene and a beautiful windy high plains day. Can’t ask for more than that.


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