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Ridgeline Rampage 2011

Thankfully Warrior Cycling got mucho feedback about the whole amateur debacle at the Front Range 60 and decided to create a Pro/Open class. Much appreciated!

Sunday morning, Joselyne and I traveled down to Castle Rock for the Ridgeline Rampage. It was the first year for the event and I had no idea about what to expect other than 6 x 10 mile laps of a fast course in Bison city park. Not the most inspiring wilderness racing venue but it proved to be a great race…

The trails were ripping fast, twisty with loose “kitty-litter gravel” corners, lots of punchy little climbs and all on “wide singletrack”, i.e. narrow enough to be fun but wide enough to pass. It was a perfect race course – maybe not the trails I would choose to ride everyday but it made for a perfect racing venue.

I started off on the singletrack in 8th place and slowly worked my way up into 5/6th place where Jesse Smith and I rode together for almost 2 laps. We slowly picked off the two guys ahead of us and Jesse pulled away around half-way. So I was sitting comfortably in 4th place for the last half of the race. The heat rose to the upper 80s and the sun was blazing down for the last 3 laps. I went through about 7 bottles of fluids in 4.5 hours and was still dehydrated! Thankfully Joselyne was there handing me bottles of EnduraFuel every lap. (Thanks babe!)

Back to the race .. The wide open vistas made it easier to see your competition and I could spy Russell Kappius behind me and Jesse in front of me but, in the end, that order stayed until the finish. I got within 10 seconds of Jesse at one point on the last lap before my quads started cramping! After that, I was in maintenance mode but I ended up only 30 seconds off the podium! I know I was physically capable of making up that 30 seconds but it was just so painful that I just shut down every time I tried to put in an attack. Sometimes your subconscious brain just decides it’s just not worth the suffering and there’s nothing your conscious mind or your legs can do about it. (Brady Kappius and Kalan Beisel were #1/#2 and were WAY ahead of the rest of us – in a league of their own really).

And for my 4th place, I got a cash payout (enough to pay for the entry fee – yay!) and a pretty sweet Rudy Project hydration pack. And got to work on my tan a bit … those lycra leg lines are coming in beautifully. All in all, a great race for me and a fun event all around.


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