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Adventures in cycling and life

Catching up

Too much stuff going on, not enough bloggy time… here are the cliff notes…

Breck 100

At humbug hill, I followed the orange signs with the black arrows. Turns out they weren’t the right orange signs with black arrows .. there was a trail maintenance crew on dirt bikes using nearly the exact same arrows as the the Breck 100 event. And their paths crossed and dozens of racers, including the pack that I was in, went off course following those errant arrows. After 2 years of dealing with the bullshit of Warriors Cycling’s over-priced, under-staffed, under-organized events, I am glad to say good riddance to those asshats. Never again will I fork out over $200 to race on a course that the organizers can’t even bother to mark properly.

At least I got some great hiking and family time in the Rockies before my next journey began….

Move to Portland

Packing 5 bikes, 3 pets, 2 humans and a full house full of stuff into a moving van towing a hatchback plus an SUV across 1200 miles of America … an adventure for sure. Japhy was not pleased with the 2 days of driving that lay ahead…

But we arrived safely and managed to stuff our pets and possessions into a tiny suburban apartment outside of PDX.

Exploring Portland

The Rose Gardens

Mount Hood and the skyline

The Pacific

The Marine Layer

The Trails

and Japhy zooming by

No pics of the three greatest parts of Portland though … my job and my commute. My weekly training schedule is now completely dominated by my daily commute of ~30 miles and 2200 vertical feet round trip. Split into two rides per day, it adds up to pretty great default base miles. A lot more frequent than my training in CO (10+ times per week, instead of 4 or 5) and my commute takes me over the Tualtin Hills every day so I rack up some massive climbing miles. Instead of infrequent, hard workouts, I’ll be shifting to very frequent steady tempo/climbing work with almost very few days off for months at a time. We’ll see how that affects the fitness.

And finally the FOOD. Fort Collins nearly destroyed my tastebuds with it’s bland uninspired restaurants but Portland is possibly the most vibrant cuisine culture I’ve ever experienced. I’m going to need to have a good paying job and high mileage training to afford eating all the wonderful food that abounds in this city!


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