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2012/2013 Recap

I just looked at this blog and realized I hadn’t posted since 2011. I suppose this reflects my priorities in life. With much more time devoted to job and family, I just don’t have a lot of time to devote to talking about my cycling adventures. In fact, most weeks I’m just lucky to be able to find time to have a cycling adventure let alone time to sit down to blog about it.

Yet here we are in 2013. Two years after moving to Portland, OR and not a peep about cycling from a bike nut in a bicycle-nutty city.

First of all, I’ve done a bit of racing staying in the game:

  • 2012 Six hours of Hood (2nd place SS)
  • 2012 Oakridge Fat 55 (1st Cat 1, 4th overall)
  • 2012 Capitol Forest 50, (10th Open Men)
  • 2013 Echo Red To Red (5th Cat 1)

I’ve also done a few trail running races and I’ve had another serious knee injury from skiing that has all but destroyed this season’s ambitions at the MTB races. The drive to remain competitive on a semi-pro level has pretty much passed me by… I just turned 35, My first son is due in less than 2 months, injuries have delayed me, my job (awesome as it is) is consuming most of my mental energy. I’ve been forced to reevaluate what cycling really means to me and why I do it.

Why do I spend thousands of dollars maintaining and upgrading these bikes?

Why do I spend dozens of hours a week prepping my body for extreme amounts of stress and pain?

Why do I bother with these damned sports that suck so much time and energy and require such risks?

Because it sets me free. The sense of freedom and absolute inner silence that you  can achieve by pushing your legs that much harder to crest the climb or by pushing your skills that much harder into the next turn or by exploring new places that tires rarely tread… that is the reason I ride and that is the reason I’ll keep pushing my boundaries. It may not be a race, it may not look like “training” but it will definitely be fun. And I might even blog about it…

This weekend, I’m racing the High Cascacdes 100. It’s the first time in my life that I’m not sure I’ll be able to even finish the ride, let alone be compettive. My knee has not recovered so well from my April tele ski accident and it’s really only been 6 weeks since I’ve got back on the bike in earnest – barely enough time to train up to the fitness required to compete in a 100-miler. So I’m not going to compete – I’m going to just ride it, take advantage of the aid stations, chat with my fellow racers, drink a few beers and enjoy the trails. I don’t expect to place well. If it were up to my PT, I probably wouldn’t ride it at all. For once in my life, the simple joy of finishing an  epic race is my driving force. And it feels good.



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