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Smooth Moves

For the second week in a row, I’ve joined Joselyne and a group of friends for a Thursday night trail run up on More Mesa. The name smooth moves is a play on another big organized run in santa barbara called “night moves” … the “smooth” part comes from, well lets just say it’s originally the name of a laxitive tea. But the name stuck. Somehow. It has even become the name of my girlfriends running blog 😉

Now this is probably my 4th time running this entire year since my knee injuries plagued the earlier part of the year. I did pretty well considering I lifted for an hour and did my 15 mile round-trip fixie commute. My time was about 33 minutes for the 3.4 mile course. A bit off my old high school XC pace of 17 minutes for a 5k but you gotta re-start somewhere.

I plan on getting back into running a bit (barring any objections from my knees) in an effort to do some cross-training leading into the ’09 season. Since my favorite cross-training activity (cross-country skiing) is notably absent in Santa Barbara, I’ll have to revert to running. Plus some hiking, rollerblading and lifting.


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