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The endless search for Reba perfection

Shocks have come a long way. My original Manitou Suspension fork in 1991 had one point of adjustment – pick the elastomer color/density that was right for your weight.
In contrast, the Reba SL 29er fork has 5+ points of adjustment, any of which become hot topics of conversation in the forums. Before reading the opinions of the masses, read the official manual. For my weight and riding style (190 lbs, aggressive XC) these settings seem to work pretty well:

  • Positive Air : 130 psi (left-side fork crown)
  • Negative Air : 120 psi (bottom of left leg)
  • Flood Gate Valve : almost closed (2.5mm beneath golden cap, right-side crown)
  • Rebound : 1 turn away from full fast, aka “rabbit” (red knob, bottom of right leg)
  • Compression : On-the-fly, full locked on smooth climbs, full open in other cases. (Blue knob, right crown)

I’m sure I’ll tweak it around a bit more as I ride some other types of terrain and get a better feel for it.


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